Case Studies

Client: Arcadia


Arcadia is a fast-growing business that experienced consistent changes in the products offered. The result was an outdated ESP that didn’t meet standards with data, segmentation, personalization, or workflows. As a result, a lack of personalization and incorrect communications were sent to various members.


* Identification and clean up of segmentation

* Top level recommendations for data structures

* Re-work and optimization of current workflows

* Additional personalization to emails

* Extended workflows for re-engagement, advocacy, and lead segments

* Introduction to newsletters and promos to increase conversion rates


* Lead conversion rate average of 18% (13% higher than industry average)

* Member engagement of 50% (30% higher than industry average)

* Event-driven revenue increase to $779K

Lead Conversion:


Member Engagement


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Client: Uniform Teeth


Uniform Teeth was experiencing a drop in conversions with their current sales system, which lacked in functionality, segmentation, and personalization. The operational process included manual uploads of data each day and working through Google Sheets to monitor current leads.


* Moved into a CRM with complete functionality

* Identified segmentation and lead approaches by stage

* Grouped types of leads for personalization and sales efficiency

* Created automated sequences to develop consistency in follow-ups

task-oriented* Streamlined task oriented processes


* Developed a reporting system for efficiency


* Management of over $3.7M in active leads at an average of 6K leads (rolling 90 days)

* Ability to hit sales goals of $120K per month

* Identification of leads by stage for predicted revenue and promotions

* Increase in responsiveness from leads by using personalization and segmentation

Management of Sales:


Sales Goals Monitoring / Month:


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Client: Mido


Mido has an app for gaming, allowing individuals to play the lottery without leaving their home. It focuses on event driven responsiveness for those who are in the app while highlighting those who are interested in continuous gaming with the app. Mido’s lifecycle consisted of a minimalist onboarding flow and transactional driven responses, as opposed to a nurturing lifecycle.


* Development of lifecycle stages by event responsiveness

* Segmentation by types of gamers and those who were using or not using the app

* Expansion to workflows that were personalized in nature


* Launch of 9+ workflows by segment

* Expansion of segmentation with unique identifiers

* Streamlined over 300+ groups using the app

Launch of workflows


Segmentation Groups


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Client: Sessions


Sessions were working with a sales team that was using mass sends by an excel sheet and one-time send to individuals. Over 20,000 emails were sent manually, costing over 40 hours per week and causing a human error and IP health. The issue extended with the system infiltrating with over 30,000 leads and not enough power to send the emails.


* Phase 1 to work out of an “emergency situation” with a semi-automated system

* Ability to make the process scalable and move into full automation

* Training and development to shift out of the program and into a sustainable option


* Reduction of 40 hours per week into 1

* Savings: $120K 

* Close rate: 25%+

Reduction of Hours




Close Rate


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As a trusted partner of, we are also supportive of their needs with specialized clients. One client was using complex graphics and designs within their email templates. The inability to create specific personalization and the proper look and feel became a blocker to launch. 


* Identified the current use of HTML

* Found the central issues within the coding system

* Re-worked how the structure of the template worked

* Created an approach for mass production of the template


* Ability to produce 200+ templates using the HTML structure

* Faster turn-around with producing and sending out workflows

* Ability to customize more features within the communication

Template Production


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